Simple, Powerful, Reliable
Rfp Management Software
That Measures and Maximizes Value


Everything is designed to be repeatable and scalable so that
the benefits to you and your organization are sustained and grow over time.

Eliminate Wasted Effort

Comprehensively evaluate an unlimited number of suppliers in less time than you typically need to read a single proposal. Never again waste time or effort reading proposals that don’t make the final cut.

Increase Stakeholder Consensus

Easily incorporate input from multiple stakeholders, reconcile differing priorities, and convincingly demonstrate, on a single page, the soundness of your recommendation or decision.

Drive Continuous Value Creation

Provide suppliers with automatically-generated, specific, actionable feedback they can use to improve their offerings in ways that are most valuable to your organization.

What do you want to accomplish?

Achieve exceptional results with greater consistency and less efffort.

Chief Procurement Officer

“I have already significantly increased spend under management and generated savings through consolidated purchasing and greater efficiency. Now I am ready to move from cost reduction to value creation.”

RFPTOOLS defines and measures value in a way that improves communication and enables effective collaboration among business stakeholders and suppliers. This drives continuous improvement to deliver greater enterprise value.

Ceo / Business Unit Leader

“I need to select a supplier to provide a service that is critical to the success of my business. I know that we should evaluate proposals from multiple suppliers but I have never run an RFP before.”

RFPTOOLS includes default documentation, a carefully curated library of domain-specific questions and a step-by-step timeline to help you get started. Our experienced team is also happy to provide direct advice and support.

Smart City Program Manager

“We are pioneering the use of technology to improve daily life in our city. I also want to be smart in selecting program partners and vendors so that we deliver the greatest possible value to our residents.”

Use RFPTOOLS to reconcile different stakeholder priorities and balance multiple technical, financial, legal and other factors to find the best solutions. Leverage our decade of government experience to improve your agency’s decision making processes.

Retirement Plan Fiduciary

“I want to make a real difference in helping our employees to retire more securely. I know that the first step is to select service providers who have the understanding, skills and commitment we need to help us succeed.”

RFPTOOLS grew out of many years experience delivering innovative software tools and training to the retirement industry. We help plan fiduciaries to maximize participant savings and minimize retirement risk by prudently selecting service providers and investments.


World-class procurement software that incorporates
20 years of research, innovation and experience.


RFPTOOLS uses structured questions to elicit unambiguous, factual responses that are combined with unstructured collateral material to create a comprehensive profile of each supplier’s qualifications and capabilities.


RFPTOOLS uses market research and psychometric methods to quantify the relative importance of different evaluation criteria to the buyer and integrates that information into a customized supplier rating.


Secure internal messaging channels enable team members to share information and ideas, while separate external channels allow private communications between the buyer and each supplier.


An intuitive, uncluttered interface allows team administrators to control access, assign tasks, manage approvals and create custom documentation, timelines, questionnaires and proposal evaluations.


Team members, supplier lists, RFP documentation, timelines, questionnaires, importance weights, supplier responses and collateral material are all saved and can be reused in any RFP.


Buyers can invite an unlimited number of suppliers and ask an unlimited number of questions, without increasing their total workload. Users can participate in an unlimited number of RFPs at the same time.

Make Decisions That Make a Difference

Saving time and money are table stakes.
You can accomplish so much more with RFPTOOLS.

We believe that the most sustainable and reliable way to improve quality, reduce risk and grow enterprise value is by continuous improvement. We also believe that in today’s highly complex, tightly coupled world, continuous improvement can best be achieved through collaboration among well-aligned partners.

Imagine, as a buyer, how much more you could achieve if your suppliers thoroughly understood your stakeholders’ needs and collaboratively improved their offerings in ways that were most valuable to your organization. Imagine, as a supplier, how much easier it would be to grow your business if you knew exactly what service improvements would most delight your customers.

Everything we do is designed to help business stakeholders, buyers and suppliers collaborate effectively to create significant, lasting value for their respective organizations.

We are a close-knit, hard-working team who will listen carefully to understand your needs and deliver simple, powerful, reliable tools, backed by personalized training and fanatical support, to help you succeed.

Let’s do something great together.

Richard C. Dunne, Founder & CEO

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